How to Change Your Life by Changing Your Brain

May 8, 2010

If you knew negativity could kill you would you still complain and focus on what is wrong? What if you knew you could change your brain by focusing on one big positive idea and in doing so all of your relationships would change for the better?

In this fascinating video produced by the TED series, Mark Robert Waldman , therapist, research scholar, and Associate Fellow at the Center for Spirituality and the Mind, University of Pennsylvania, talks about how God or any big IDEA changes your brain.

Here are some highlights in print.

  • Fear of losing money will change your brain
  • When you complain you are killing yourself
  • How negative thinking changes the brain
  • Why focusing on the word “no” releases neuro -stress chemicals
  • The most important question you can ask
  • One great brain exercise
  • Why meditation changes your brain and your life
  • How to be a change in the world
  • The key to getting along with others

My questions to you are
1. How can you use this information to change your family life?
2. How can you implement some of these findings in your workplace?

What would the workplace be like if each person was  aligned with the higher values of the services provided? I see a day where workplaces will provide a place for meditation before the day starts to focus on the mission and vision of the company. Can you see the impact, for example of a medical office focusing on healing and compassion before starting the work day?  What if a financial institution or insurance agency focused on peace of mind before advising their clients ?

Share this video with your workplace. You will want to watch it again and again.


10 Things to Give Up in 2010

December 31, 2009

Give up cheese cake and lose a few pounds. Give up smoking and regain your health.Give up these three things in 2010 and improve your self esteem, your relationships and your communication skills.

1. Self-Betrayal
2. Blame
3. the Need to be Right

If you want the entire article about the 10 Things to give up in 2010 simply click here.

Stop Holiday Drama

December 22, 2009

Want to get the Free Audio?

If  you want to get access to the free audio download, go to this web page and register. The audio will automatically appear after you sign up, as long as you do so before 2010.  Here’s the link!

Content Rich Learning Points

  • Identify the familiar patterns of drama
  • Discern the three components common in all drama
  • Why clarity is key
  • How to know when you get off course
  • 7 useful tips to master your mindset
  • Communication techniques
  • Practical exercises to do before the holidays

What is Your Holiday DRAMA Question?

Do you have a “holiday drama” question? If so, just ask me your holiday drama question in this blog and I’ll do my best,  using the Stop Your Drama Methodology to give you some new insights and clarity.

Want to read the questions asked me during the seminar? Click here to download a 20 page Q and A document. I’m sure you’ll see yourself in at least one of these questions.

Stop Reacting: 3 Tips for Conscious Communication

December 15, 2009

During the stressful and fast paced holiday season it’s easy to get triggered into drama in the form of overreacting, getting sucked into an argument or feeling overly sensitive.

These three conscious communication tips will help you stay in charge.

As you can see, these tips are not about the words you speak but more about the internal journey, or what I call “the emotional journey.”

Using these techniques will help you stay in control with dealing with

  • An irate customer
  • An unreasonable co-worker
  • An irritable boss
  • Your ex spouse
  • Your extended family

If you find these tips to be helpful, drop me a line and let me know.

Want to learn more about mastering your communication by listening to your body?
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Happy holidays to you!

Stop Holiday Drama

November 11, 2009

I used to dread the holidays, and I also felt guilty because it was my secret. I thought I was the only one who felt this way.

Most people have mixed feelings during the holiday season. That’s because relationship challenges always come to the surface and magnify. This drama can be avoided if you know how to access the power of clarity.

Join me for this special edition of Attitude Builders absolutely free. The Attitude Builders membership is usually for members only, however this is my holiday gift to my friends, and subscribers.

In this  teleseminar I will share the very first step in the Stop Your Drama Methodology.  We’ll talk about how to get crystal clear, specific communication techniques to keep you in control, and I’ll even give you some tools to create the right mind set when dealing with difficult people or situations.

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Five Indicators of Poor Listening Skills

November 2, 2009

These five habits indicate you may not have effective listening skills.

1. Multi-tasking
2. Interrupting
3. Giving advice too soon
4. Discounting
5. Stage hogging

Download a free PDF article to get more in depth information including a matrix on how to implement solutions to become a better listener!

How about listening to your body? Join me November 20th where I interview Steve Sisgold, Author of What is Your Body Telling You.