Attitude Builders

WhitePlainABWhat is Attitude Builders?
Attitude Builders is a staff development system for managers and owners who want to provide personal development with no prep, no plan and no problem.

Each month members get a staff development program that is less than one hour, on exciting topics of personal development, leadership, communication, life transformation and building better relationships.

How is Attitude Builders Delivered?
Attitude Builders is a once a month simulcast webinar. That means you can listen from your phone or you can listen from your website. This works well if you live in another country and want to save money on long distance.

When do you present the programs?
Normally we present programs on the 2nd Friday of every month unless there is a holiday.

What if I have to miss the date of the live program?
If you miss, no worries. You will still get a copy of the MP3 audio and the learning guide to use at your convenience. Simply invite your staff and press the play button.

To get a free sample, click here.

To join or see more click here.


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