Stop Workplace Drama

If you’ve been a leader for any length of time,  it’s probably common knowledge to you that drama is the number one productivity killer. Drama shows up as office gossip, backstabbing, bickering, and any form of negativity and stress that negatively impacts the productivity, profitability or the mission of the organization.



Complaining, and excuse-making  is a big time-waster. Negative attitudes spread like a virus and  eventually lead to increased  absenteeism, low morale and can even contribute to physical symptoms like headaches or more serious  illness. Did you know that even recalling an angry experience suppresses the immune system for as much as six hours? More and more research is being done to illustrate how  “drama” impacts productivity and contributes to illness producing stress in the workplace.

Here’s one tip included in this content rich digital product: Eliminate the open door policy. Instead, only make the door open on certain days or between certain hours.
Keeping the door open will give the staff the message that you are there to rescue every complaint and they will start treating you like their “best friend.” While you want to be friendly, you also want to teach good boundaries, and you want to train them to come to you with possible solutions and ideas rather than just using you as a sounding board every time they have some drama or a little spat with their fellow workers.  This MP3 will go into depth a little more and give you six other relevant and timely ideas to empower your staff and run your office with no complaints, no excuses, and no regrets.

Click here to see a video and more information.


One Response to Stop Workplace Drama

  1. Thank you so much for this informative blog. I love it!
    I think you would get a lot from my new film “The Compass”. It’s full of the same type of information you write about here. Thanks

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