March is Stop Your Drama Month

February 8, 2010

Since March is Stop Your Drama Month, we have a place to register to get all kinds of free gifts and resources, including two downloadable videos, a special report on The 8 Steps of Empowerment, three learning guides to help you improve communication, and a free Attitude Builders program, Break Through the Bad News Blues.

In addition, by registering you are automatically signed up for some of the free teleseminars that will be provided during SYD Month!

Go to to register!


March is Stop Your Drama Month

February 8, 2009

March is officially “Stop Your DRAMA Month.”

Drama is any obstacle to your peace and prosperity. Let’s change the world in 31 days!

Here at SYD Land, we are  building a web page with resources to help you stop your drama.

Yesterday we posted FREE resources for managers and business owners to share with their staff.  Wouldn’t work be more fun if there was more hope and less drama? (The free resources are the downloadable digital items like audios, handouts and articles.)

I want your ideas! What kind of resources (free and otherwise) do you wish to see available on the upcoming website?

Do you have a free gift you want to share? Perhaps we can link to  your gift.

If your idea isn’t used this year, it may be used next year so be creative!!

Post your Response Here!