March is Stop Your Drama Month

February 8, 2010

Since March is Stop Your Drama Month, we have a place to register to get all kinds of free gifts and resources, including two downloadable videos, a special report on The 8 Steps of Empowerment, three learning guides to help you improve communication, and a free Attitude Builders program, Break Through the Bad News Blues.

In addition, by registering you are automatically signed up for some of the free teleseminars that will be provided during SYD Month!

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What Makes Someone Boring?

October 13, 2009

Are you as interesting as you think you are, or was caller ID invented because of you?
So often people are unaware of their poor communication patterns and as a result they drain the energy of everyone around them.

According to communication expert Peter DeLisser in his book, Be Your Own Executive Coach, certain communication mistakes makes the listener expend too much energy.

Communication Mistakes
1. Telling more than necessary
2. Talking too fast
3. Sloppy articulation
4. Using too many details
5. Monopolizing the conversation
6. Interrupting
7 Only talking about yourself

Here are some easy to implement tips to improve your communication.

Learn to self-monitor.  The term ‘self-monitoring’ is a term psychologists use to describe the process of observing yourself then shaping your behavior based on your observations.

Observe the body language of the other person. Look for signs of boredom such as darting eyes, yawning or neck rubbing.  Other signs are crossed arms, which signal disagreement or discomfort.

Come up for air. How much of the conversation are you talking and how much time are you listening or asking questions?

Listen first. Most of us are more interested in our own agenda’s than in hearing what the other person has to say.  Remember to transition from their last statement into your statement to let them know you heard them and your point is relevant to what they just said. Be careful not to interrupt.

Get to the point. Although story telling is one of the most effective ways to communicate it can be overdone. Don’t be the kind of person who tries to tell a story for every point.  People will dread making a statement because it will remind you of a ‘great story.’ Learn how to make your point without telling every detail.

Bite your tongue. Get comfortable with silence so you don’t interrupt. Some people are slower processors. You need to make sure they are finished before you fill the space.