10 Action Steps to Stop Your Drama and Become the Leader of Your Life

Guest article by Linda Welch

Do you ever wonder “Is this all there is?”  Even if you have experienced great success in business or in your personal life, you may ask yourself this question.  You may have great relationships, a great job or business, a secure retirement…but there’s this deep “knowing” that there’s more you’re here to do…a bigger mission you have yet to fulfill.

What would it take for you to fully embrace who you are meant to be in the world?  What would it take for you to “step up” and become the leader you know you are meant to be?

You have a unique contribution to make in the world, a leadership role that only you can fulfill.  You begin the process of stepping into your “greatness” when you decide to master being the leader in your own life.  The process of discerning your calling and your mission in life can only begin when you accept the responsibility of becoming the leader of your life. 

If you’re ready to stop your drama and become the leader of your life, here are the action steps which will help you get there faster!

Action Steps:

  1. Stop your drama and embrace your calling to leadership!  The first step is simple!  Simply make the choice that starting now, you will be the leader of your own life!
  2. Examine your resistance to “stepping up” to becoming the leader in your life.  Are you addicted to some of the drama you have in your life?  Are you afraid to change? What’s in your way? Still waiting for the Magic Genie to come out of the lamp and grant you all your wishes and create the life of your dreams for you?
  3. Visualize each day from the perspective of creating what you want, rather than being a victim of what happens.  Strong leaders know that there is no right or wrong path.  There is simply “the path” with challenges and opportunities in every direction!
  4. On a daily basis, connect with your version of Source (whatever you consider that to be – God, Spirit, the Universe, Intuition, etc.) and ground yourself with unconditional love.
  5. Do an inventory of who and what feeds you and drains you. Eliminate unnecessary stress and drama!  Practice loving detachment with any people or situations you can’t yet eliminate from your life.
  6. Do a weekly reflection (can be written or a meditation) on how you showed up as a leader in your life in the past week.  Where did you hold back?  Where are you resisting? Bring your awareness to whatever came up that kept you from living your life as a strong leader. Visualize your upcoming week as a strong, grounded leader and imagine each day the way you’d like it to unfold.
  7. Begin with the end in mind. As you go through your day, remember the strong leader begins with the end in mind.  What is your intention for the conversation you need to have with your spouse? What is your intention for the project you need to complete for your business? What is your intention for how you want to “show up” for your child when they get home from school?
  8. Remember what you focus on expands.   Focus on what’s going well and how to get more of that and the solutions come much more easily!
  9. Begin a “Stepping Into My Greatness” journal.   Answer this question every day for 30 days:  If I stopped playing small, I would…
  10. Find an accountability partner.  Work with a friend, a coach or a spiritual guide who will hold you accountable for stepping up and being the leader you are meant to be in your life…and in the world!


So what are you waiting for?  The “right time?” the stars to align?,  more money in the bank?  Think of it this way, if you were to die tomorrow, what would you leave unfinished? What dream would be left unfulfilled? Whose life wouldn’t be impacted because you didn’t step up and fulfill your mission? Life is short.  Live full out!

Linda Welch is a Dream Launcher whose specialty is helping people “step up” to their greatness and fulfill their life mission.  If you’re ready to stop playing small, you can connect with her at http://www.launchmydreams.com

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