Six Questions to Stop Sales Drama (Guest Article by Bill Prenatt)

Shortfalls in sales are a major contributor to “drama” in the workplace.  Here are some sure fire questions to ask yourself.  Take it from an experienced sales pro of 40 + years, when you honestly address the issues raised in these questions you can stop your drama, reduce stress, and make more money.

1)      How well defined are your goals both in terms of sales results and sales activities?

2)      Based on your goals, project sales for the next 90 days.  How does your projection compare to your goals.  What is the gap?

 3)      Based on you ratio of closes in the past (# of presentations or proposals closed per prospect), do you have an adequate # of activities to close the sales gap or shortfall?

 4)      Do you need to improve the quality of the prospects?

 5)      Do you need to improve the quality of the sales process?

 6)      Do you need to improve the quality of the selling skills?

If you keep doing what you have been doing…you are falling behind.  Successful selling is like a well measured recipe, when you put in all of the ingredients according to a predetermined, proven best practice, predictable results pop out.

 So avoid the drama and the headaches that come with missed sales quota’s.  When you don’t feel well you go to the doctor…right?  So if things aren’t going your way in the sales area, ask for help.

 Bill Prenatt is a successful salesman, sales manager and leader, purchasing agent, and sales trainer for 40 + years.  If you don’t know what to do to get on track, call him at  636 484-0208


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