Success Starts on the Inside

A lot of people who believe that more money or a higher position at work would alleviate the anxiety or worry. This is an example of looking for success in  the wrong place.

Stephen Covey, one of my favorite authors says, “Private victories precede public victories.” You must do your inner work first, then you can enjoy your outer success!

Higher levels of success in the form of more money or a higher leadership position, only magnifies unfinished business. You can’t fool the Universe.

If you aren’t ready for the more money, or more responsibility your weaknesses  will be magnified.

If you haven’t done your “inner work” the extra money, bigger title, or fancy degree won’t fill the  spiritual “hole” you are trying to fill with outward success. 

If you are suffering with a small business, a bigger one will make you suffer more. If you can’t get along with the folks you work with now, chances are you’ll have problems at the next job too.

During Stop Your Drama Month I am offering so many free resources for people at all levels. I get that not everyone can afford some of the things I offer, so this is my way of giving back and living on purpose without worrying about who is my client.  Let’s have some fun this March and see what happens when we all stop our drama.

Get Free Resources Here!


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