How to Get and Keep a Go Positive Attitude (Guest Article by Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy)

Your attitude is your internal employee and if you want to get the best from yourself, you have to take the time to ensure a few simple actions.

Having a Go Positive!™ attitude will help you enjoy what you do, relieve stress, ignite passion and equip you to handle the “unexpected” changes and challenges that may seem somewhat unfavorable (at the time).

Here is my personal list to a Go Positive!™ attitude. My steps may seem very simple, so don’t complicate this simplicity for yourself. Keep the process of getting and keeping a Go Positive!™ attitude simple…because it is!

  1. Duplicate your shower or bathing time and invest that into your developing your attitude. If you shower five minutes per day, do something that charges your attitude for five minutes per day. Read or listen to something positive.
  2. Listen to positive material while driving in your car. Turn off the noise and re-charge your attitude by listening to something positive. Go to my website: and order my Go Positive™ Audio CD. This is my mom’s favorite audio recording which I did years ago. Listen to it while she drives to work and get your attitude set positive for the day.
  3. Create a plan of structure for food, health and sleep. These three factors alone have the power to improve or discourage your outlook, depending on how you handle them. Eat better, work out 30 minutes a day, and get enough sleep. This will relieve stress, help you feel good and give you the energy you need.
  4. Lighten up! Having a good sense of humor is not about being a comedian; it’s about finding the lighter side in everything around you. Start small by smiling.
  5. Praise your teammates. If you want better teamwork, you have to start by being a better team player. Praise your teammates for even the littlest things. Be encouraging, not discouraging.
  6. Be grateful. The fastest way to a better perspective about anything is to stop and think about what you have to be thankful for. Remember this: a minor negative cannot occupy the same space as a major positive. Your major positives are what you have to be thankful for. Get a note card and write down five things you are grateful for. Look at it often. It will improve your mood.
  7. FINALLY… Take your fiber and drink lots of water. If garbage piled up in your office, home, bedroom, would you be a happy person? NO WAY! Health experts tell us that if you take your omega 3s and fish oils and drink lots of water, you will flush harmful toxins out of your body. By doing this, you will improve your mood dramatically!

For more tips and ideas on how to get and keep a Go Positive!™ attitude, visit my resource website, If you have ideas or thoughts on how to keep a Go Positive!™ attitude in your industry, comment in our blog area. Email me your thoughts or stories at:

Stay in Touch and remember, Go Positive! ™


2 Responses to How to Get and Keep a Go Positive Attitude (Guest Article by Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy)

  1. IFRS Courses says:

    Without question, your blog always makes for a good read. Thank you for sharing the community with entertaining and informative insights.

    Despite what other commenters think, you have to believe that the underlying premise of unified standards is good in principle.

    There is a obvious need for further discussion, though convergence in one manner or another would be fantastic, especially for the M&A community.

    • stopyourdrama says:

      Yes you are so right. Systems and standards are missing in so many businesses.
      Would love to keep the dialogue open and if I can contribute to your audience, or
      if you have information you would like to use from my blog just let me know.

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