People Only Want Two Things

In any given situation people really only want two things, and one of those things is be loved.

No matter what you think you want, no matter what the other person says they want,  part of the equation is always love.

If you can remember this, all of your relationships will improve because, while  you may not be able to fulfill any or part of their equation, you can always act from love.

The really cool thing about love is that love  can be offered in so many different ways.  You  get to experiment daily by doing the following…

Spending quality time
Showing respect
Asking for an opinion
Cleaning up after yourself
Showing compassion
Setting boundaries
Being considerate
Telling the truth
Authentic communication

So, the next time someone acts rude, plays games, acts arrogant, sulks or creates drama,  remember that this person does not know how to get her needs met.  

She uses manipulation to try to get your attention.

He uses anger to get his way.

She brags on herself to get acknowledged.

No matter what it looks like, it’s always about looking for love in all the wrong places…or trying to get love in ways that keep you from it.

Because we do not know this we make excuses for our behavior.

She will say she’s acting out because it’s your fault.

He will say it’s because life has dealt him a bad hand. 

You will say they deserved it.

No  matter which side you are on, the Universe always offers  a chance to give love or withhold love. 

Instead you may choose to judge, withhold, blame, or scold. Or you may pretend bad behavior is OK or justified.

Nonetheless, every day there is the opportunity to give or receive love.

Of course,  it isn’t  loving to allow disrespectful behavior. You aren’t showing love if you keep honoring a person’s drama story and discounting the truth of who they really are or discounting the possibility of who they can be.

Judgment and criticism are not the answer either.  When you criticize it is because in some way you  need to feel better than someone else, which unfortunately is just another way to try to get love, by  making someone else less than you.

No matter what the situation, it is never as it seems.

It’s never about the other person.

It’s never about who is right and who is wrong.

It’s never about getting the extra money, the more prestigious title, winning the medal, or getting the contract. 

In he end and to the core, it is always about love.

All of life is a lesson in how to give and receive love.


2 Responses to People Only Want Two Things

  1. Marlene,
    A beautiful article. So true (and so easy to miss).

    Thank you for sharing your insights. You are inspiring.


  2. Justin C says:

    Marlene, your awesome!

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