Lessons from Olympic Star Shaun White: Commit from the beginning

The athlete  talked about visualizing his success and believing in himself:  “I know I can do this,” he said when he was a 6-year old kid snow boarding before it was an Olympic sport  and before there was any chance of money to be made.  He had talent, passion, a vision, and he had the support of his parents.

The gold medal snow boarder, Shaun White, also known as the flying tomato and king of the halfpipe, said of perfecting the Double McTwist 1260, “I make a commitment from the beginning.” 

How profound. 

This is another way to say, “I am going out fully for what I intend to accomplish. I will not doubt, sit on the fence, or make exceptions.  I will trust my intention and I am willing to accept the outcome even though there are no guarantees.”

This is an example of showing your faith through your actions instead of giving lip service and abdicating responsibility.

What could be possible for you if you had commitment from the beginning?

Shaun White has a lot to teach all of us.

Whether you  want to excell in business or become excellent in any area of life: Live from your passion, visualize your success, trust yourself, love what you do and get support.  Have so much faith that the work itself is the reward.

And…don’t forget a most important ingredient for success: Commit from the beginning.

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One Response to Lessons from Olympic Star Shaun White: Commit from the beginning

  1. Shaun White is awesome! I can’t believe Red Bull built him that crazy pipe in CO. The other riders are gonna have to train even harder.

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