What Employees Won’t Tell You

I worked for over twenty years on the factory floor doing everything from production work on the lines to sanitation to driving a forklift. I left that world to pursue a professional speaking career. I finished two college degrees and continue to study what I already knew from my 20 plus years on the factory floor. On the factory floor, employee relationships can either make or break productivity, working for you or against you. I learned that bosses either encourage and support productivity or discourage and hamper productivity.

I also learned that one key component in any kind of drama is relationships. The way you view your co-workers, your boss, your employees has everthing to do with your ability to work as a team and to enjoy your work.

March is Stop Your Drama Month. I’m going to be answering all kinds of “drama questions” and giving away free resources to those who manage others.

To get your free resources, just sign up here!

If you are an employee and you have some insights, feel free to leave your post. If you are a manager with suggestions, please do the same.


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