Energy Management: Balancing Choice and Responsibility

No matter how technology improves, you just can’t catch up.

Because most of us are handling a schedule humanly impossible to manage, we feel frustrated, angry and overwhelmed instead of enjoying our work and feeling like we are contributing.

We are all addicted to the lie that technology is going to save time. The only thing that happens is a new demand emerges and the expectation changes.

The danger I see with emerging technology and the powerful choices that are offered to all of us, is we are not equipped to handle the power.  Not to knock technology. I love it too, but if you believe in the Chinese symbol of yen and yang you must also believe that with every benefit there is a price to pay, and that price is responsibility.

The more power you have the more responsible you must be.  I call this theory the Teeter Totter Effect. Choice and responsibility must be equally balanced.

The Teeter Totter Effect
A teeter totter rests on a fulcrum point. When the teeter totter is balanced, the teeter totter is completely horizontal and when it is not, one end rests higher than the other.

If the teeter totter is completely level and on the right side you have a 20 pound weight called “Choice” then on the left you must also have a 20 lb weight called “Responsibility.”

At first glance we always want more choices because more choices mean more power. However,  if  choice is not balanced with responsibility  then you are going to have trouble and eventually drama.

For example, look at the young, and I mean very YOUNG children who have been given the power of the cell phone and texting.  The result has been less monitoring by parents, and kids as young as 13 years old sexting, being bullied on social networks and then because they do not have the maturity or the support they commit suicide.

Look at how adults who should know better,  risk their lives and put others at risk by texting while driving. (There’s a lot of denial out there about our ability to multi-task while science and research proves our brains are not built for it.)

We have become unconscious and do not know how to balance choice and responsibility. Balancing choice with responsibility, is what energy management is all about.


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