What Makes Someone Boring?

According to communication expert Peter DeLisser in his book, Be Your Own Executive Coach, certain communication mistakes makes the listener expend too much energy.

1. Telling more than needs to be told
2. Talking too fast
3. No articulation
4. Too long to get to the point

Other communication blunders include not talking in their language, talking down or raising your voice, monopolizing the conversation and interrupting.  Then there’s my personal favorite, the “me me me” syndrome—only talking about yourself.  Poor communicators are often unaware of making these impressions and in certain networking situations they seem to hover around like a dark cloud or stick to you like a leech.

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One Response to What Makes Someone Boring?

  1. tonergal2009 says:

    Loved this… great refresher and I’m a #2 also!

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