Ten Ways You Give Away Your Power

Guilt, anger, frustration, and overwhelm are some of the signs that you might be losing power.  If you aren’t aware enough to notice the signs, maybe you can identify the signs of giving away power by looking at these ten examples.

1. Getting angry over things you can’t control.
You can’t control the weather, the crowds at the grocery store or traffic. All you can do is prepare, shop at a different time or leave early.

2. Feeling guilty for something you can’t change.
Guilt only serves a purpose when it helps you change something, or apologize for a wrong doing, otherwise it’s a waste of energy.

3. Trying to change others.
The only time someone changes is because it benefits them. Sometimes they change when you set boundaries, or make a request, but only if it serves their purpose. The wisdom comes in remembering this.

4. Comparing yourself to someone else.
You’ll either feel better or worse when you compare yourself to someone else. It’s all a fantasy. Either way leads to the same outcome: judgment, and judgment always blocks prosperity.

5. Betraying yourself to please others.
Betrayal of yourself to please another is still betrayal says Neal Donald Walsh, author of Conversations With God.

6. Bad mouthing yourself or anyone else.
Making yourself or anyone else wrong is just drama. Ask for what you want, correct the situation or accept it.

7. Saying “yes” when you want to say “no.”
This includes volunteering, listening to drama, buying gifts for people you don’t want to buy for, going to parties you hate, spending time with people who bore you, irritate you or otherwise bring out your worst.

8. Blaming anyone or anything for your emotional state or circumstances.
Take responsibility for everything in your life and see how much more powerful you feel.

9. Becoming  a doormat and letting others take advantage.
You can still be polite and say “no” or set a boundary. No one is going to treat you any better than you treat yourself.

10. Giving up time for self-care, relaxation and rejuvenation to work harder.
You need small breaks every 90 minutes. You aren’t doing anyone any favors by exhausting yourself and lowering your effectiveness.


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