The Island Called Money

I seen an island called “Money” and I want to go.

It seems nearly impossible.

I only have a row boat and two oars.

I have no map.

I see a yacht going in that direction.

I forget that I’m in a rowboat and I try to follow.

The waves splash up in my boat and I almost sink.

I don’t have the resources.

I sing a song called, “Life isn’t fair.”

After the song, I see a Tug Boat who has spotted my problem.

The tug boat offers to let me hook up for exchange of one oar and the shirt on my back.

But I need my shirt and my oar, I protest.

Trust me first says the Tug boat, and I’ll take you to first to another island which will give you what you really want, which isn’t a new shirt or a new oar, or even a motor.

What is it I really want I ask Tug?

What you really want is love, or happiness, or acceptance.  You can have those things now and then when you get to your island called money, you won’t really need the money anymore, and that’s when you can do the most good with it.


One Response to The Island Called Money

  1. This is excellent. How many times do we do this unconsciously while all the time touting that we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to get where we want to go?

    Think I’ll print it out and post it above my desk!

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