The Entrepreneurs Journey

I see an island and I want to go.

I’m excited.

I jump into a row-boat with one oar and no map.

The island is farther away than I expected.

I become discouraged.

I see a closer island so I row toward it.

I meet a consultant.

I pay almost all that I have to the consultant who convinces me I wanted to go to the wrong island.

The consultant sells me a map and a blueprint to go to his island.

I now need a motor and a better boat.

I get a loan and purchase the better boat and the motor and head to the consultant’s island.

The blue print is helpful, but I’m not that excited.

On the way I see a sparkling island and it looks much more appealing.

I motor towards it.

I have lost the map the consultant gave me.

The fog rolls in.

Now I’m confused about what I really want.

I’m mad at the consultant.

The motor is acting up.

I row to the closest island.

My needs are met.

There is coconut milk and a native there needs my services.

It’s better than nothing.

Time passes.

I am bored and know there must be more.

I still want my original island.

This time I’m smarter.

I take TWO oars and a map.

I’ll geet the motor fixed eventually.

I’m back in the gap.

(to be continued.)


5 Responses to The Entrepreneurs Journey

  1. Barbara Osgood says:

    Do you know me?

  2. It’s been a few weeks since I first read this blog. I’ve shared it with friends and clients. Last week I found myself explaining to a client that although her proposal was interesting it was “not on an island” that I wanted to visit.

    I have charted a course back to MY original island and navigating my way back there, casting off the baggage that I don’t need.

  3. stopyourdrama says:

    That is fantastic! Thanks for sharing the article.

  4. very nice article The Entrepreneurs Journey

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