4 Things You Must Do in a Recession

Instead of worrying, blaming the recession, or shrinking, here are four things you must do to change the situation:

1. You must get clear
2. You must be bigger than your circumstances
3. You must stop your drama”
4. You must reinvent

You must get clear
The one with clarity navigates the ship. The problem I see right now is too many people have clarity but it is in the wrong direction. Is your clarity

–I don’t have time

–I don’t have money

–I am not enough?

What if your clarity was of a different kind?

–I have all the time I need

–I am resourceful

–I am enough

You can be clear that you are going to fail or clear that you are going to be successful. What kind of clarity do you want?

You must be bigger than your circumstances
No matter how tough it seems you are not your job, you are not your business and you are not your bad news. You must never confuse where you are with who you are.

You Must Put a Stop to Your Drama
Drama is any obstacle to your peace or prosperity. What is your obstacle? The fight with your spouse, your negative attitude, the worry that keeps you up at night? Did you know that even recalling an angry experience can suppress the immune system for up to 6 hours? You must stop being a victim to your thoughts or to your circumstances.

You Must Reinvent
The idea of being in a recession keeps you a victim as you wait and wait and wait for someone to do something or something to change. When you decide to reinvent, you now become a creator and you make the necessary changes.

I have developed a very easy to use self-study to help you reclaim your power.
Most of the time all we have to do to reinvent is to stop betraying ourselves.
I have found there are 7 ways we self-betray on an ongoing basis. Why not use this “recession” as a time for reflection and reinvention?

The deadline for the early bird rate is May 1st. Hope to see you there!


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