Good News Bad News


Waiting out the storm in a hot crowded basement.

Good News: My first “Reinvent Seminar” has 30 participants!

Bad News: The room is not set up like I requested when I arrive.

Good News: I stay calm and get to work and everyone arrives early.

More Good News: It is an overcast day so the shades can stay open to a beautiful view of the city.

Bad News: A tornado was spotted 30 miles away and the wind is ferocious outside.

Good News: There’s a basement in the building.

Bad News: We have to walk down 22 flights and most of us wore high heels.

More Bad News: People are chattering as they walk down the stairs. The person in front of me is spilling coffee down the steps. I judge myself for being judgmental about the chatter, the storm, and the spilt coffee.

Good News: I commend myself for being aware of my judgments and I do a prayer of forgiveness. I feel centered and loving again.

Good News: We arrive at the basement.

Bad News: The basement is hot and crowded.

Good News: I stifle my urge to complain.

Great News: The storm is over and we head for the elevator.

Bad News: Someone was clueless. The storm is not over at all. The elevators aren’t working. I judge myself for thinking someone is clueless and for being mad at the storm.

Good News: The storm really is over. Time to get on the elevator.

Bad News: It’s almost time for lunch and I haven’t even started the seminar.

Good News: Almost everyone is willing to adjust their schedule and stay two more hours.

Learning Points: Life is full of what we describe as good news and bad news. No matter how much you plan, strategize or worry, sometimes there is a bigger plan you must adapt to. When circumstances are out of your control, your best option is to release resistance, because in releasing you learn how to be present and you learn to trust.


6 Responses to Good News Bad News

  1. Maggie Castrey says:

    Marlene I love the honesty with which you portray your inner dialogue. We all do it and it’s great to recognize it!

  2. sharon benton says:

    Your humor, honesty and wisdom all combined make you a great healer…thanks for being you, this made my day today! Thank you!!!

  3. Deb Coulter says:

    Love that. It is so true! It is what it is and let go of the things you can’t control.
    Thanks again for an “interesting” and informative day.

  4. Cathy Evans says:

    I thought you planned the storm. You didn’t? You worked with the situation very well.

    There’s nothing like natural drama to put our internal dramas in perspective…or a little spilt coffee.


    • stopyourdrama says: true. It’s never about the spilt coffee… it’s about my reactions to the coffee. ha ha.
      We get everything we need when we need it. 🙂

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