Clutter is Not the Problem

I used to think clutter was the problem. Now I know clutter is just the manifestation or the “result” of other things

  1. Going too fast
  2. Lack of planning
  3. Belief that you are not enough
  4. Belief in scarcity
  5. Not telling yourself the truth
  6. Not having (or sticking to) a system

Let’s take each one and give a little break down.

Going too fast
When you don’t take time for space, every waking moment is used producing. Without adequate down time you will start to stack and pile. Eventually the piles produce chaos and then you spend time recreating the wheel because you can’t find the original wheel you created three weeks ago.

Lack of planning
Without an end-game in mind, you simply react to either drama or opportunity. Either way you shoot from the hip and make snap decisions. It may be fun but it is sure messy.

Belief you are not enough
I see entrepreneurs do this one all the time. Just one more website. One more article. One more pod cast. Let me do a radio show to get PR. When is it enough? Never…if you don’t honor yourself.  The “I am not enough” syndrome shows up as overwork, too much content, and overwhelming yourself and others with too much, too often.

Belief in scarcity
When you believe there’s not enough to go around you start hoarding.  You keep stacks of ideas which will one day turn into an article. You collect things that one day you may have to sell when the going gets tough. You never get rid of old clothes even when they don’t fit. There are tubes of empty lipstick, empty toothpaste tubes and half used cans of deodorant…just in case you run out you know you have a little you can still squeeze out.

Not telling yourself the truth
You tell yourself little fibs so you can justify your clutter. “I’ll eventually use those articles.” Those old Power Point slides may come in handy one day.   I may want to recycle those 50 web pages that I no longer use.  Yes…and you may one day decide to wear those platform shoes and hip-hugging bell bottoms even though you are 15 pounds heavier and 15 years older, so by all means…keep them.

No system
Most of the time the real reason is we don’t know how to channel the creativity. This calls for real systems, and a way to integrate everything.  Yes, you really can write 12 articles, turn them into a book, then use them as pod casts, then give to others to use on their blogs.  A really good system can help you clean the clutter very quickly.

So now you know, clutter is never the real drama. All that happens when you clear the clutter is just more clutter later on…that is, until you learn how to slow down, plan, believe in yourself and in abundance, tell yourself the truth and create a system you can stick to.


2 Responses to Clutter is Not the Problem

  1. Thank you. It is a great morning to read these thoughts. I’m going to stop, breathe, and deliberately start my day.

    • stopyourdrama says:

      Yes…if we could all just be intentional in our actions. It is the small things we do that create great success. Thanks for sharing.

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