What are You Waiting For?

I wonder if the recession could take a dramatic shift if all at once everyone just decided to quit waiting?

What are you waiting for?

Waiting for the recession to end.
Waiting for Obama to do something.
Waiting for congress to approve something.
Waiting for the client to say “yes.”
Waiting for the boss to make a decision.
Waiting for others to understand.
Waiting until someone approves.
Waiting for agreement.
Waiting for the budget to change.

The reason I am so aware of this is from listening. I have been realizing that this is the biggest wake up call we have ever had and so many of us are still asleep at the wheel just WAITING for the alarm to go off.

I have been speaking about my Stop Your Drama Signature Process, which is all about reinventing, realigning and rejuvenating your business.

So many people have said they felt energized and they want more. They feel like it would be helpful for their workplace to hear the message.

But it stops right there at one or more stop signs:

There is no way the boss would agree to a program right now.
There isn’t any budget.
I’ll see what everyone else thinks.

In contrast I had a corporate client (a manager) say she is doing something innovative and getting together with another manager to “joint venture” so their staffs can have the program.

Another group is having a “grass roots” event in their home because they think their clients would benefit. That is the example of what it means to be a creator (step 8 in the signature process.)

It’s not about me selling my stuff.  Use any example and you will see that many of us live from the space of WAITING for someone else to take the lead. We have forgotten our power to create.

If  you want to reclaim your power it only takes a mental shift and think like an entrepreneur. It’s time to see the opportunity. It’s time to reinvent, realign and rejuvenate!

You have to see yourself as the door and the key.


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