Is Your Business Profitable and Fun?

Are you shoveling coal in the boiler room or navigating the ship? If you have lost yourself and your purpose in the pursuit of success you are not alone.

Here are a few of the signs.

1. You feel overworked, and overwhelmed

2. You have a hard time saying “no.”

3. You suffer from anxiety

4. Drama in the office takes up too much time

5. There isn’t enough time.

6. Your mind is cluttered

7. Your health is suffering

It’s not your fault

We are all in the same boat! After surveying thousands of people over the last three years over 70% of us admit we are way too hard on ourselves, we feel guilty and we have a hard time saying “no.” Our world has become more complex. No longer do we have natural boundaries.

Think about it. Before electricity when it got dark you went to bed. You didn’t have a fax, cell phone and e-mail competing for your attention. Now it’s possible to work 24/7 and in the success quest it’s easy to lose yourself to overwork, comparisons and complete burnout. It is if you are in a little rowboat paddling to an island that is 5000 miles away and no matter how hard or long you row you just row in circles. The illusion is if you had more money it would get better. Or if you just had more time, could work a little harder, or get some cooperation it would magically change.

Here’s the truth:

Your Boat Has a Leak

Your energy is drained and the energy drain is YOUR DRAMA.

You can paddle as fast as you want, but you aren’t going to get to your magical island as long as water keeps filling up your boat.

You can deny the leak, meditate, pray, focus on the positive or hire a coach to improve your rowing abilities, but until you admit you have a leak you are at the mercy of the hole in your boat. You can blame the boat maker but that doesn’t close the hole in the boat.

You can take massive action (LEVERAGE) and still nothing works. Neither a motor, a sail, the wind or a team of rowers can help you get to your island as long as you have a hole in your boat! Until you identify and plug the hole you will struggle.

You’ve no doubt heard me say “Stop Your Drama: Create the Life You Want.” You could easily replace the “Create the Life You Want” part with “Build the Business You Want” or “Have the Fun You Want” or “Make the Money You Want.” The whole “Stop Your Drama concept is about eliminating that which keeps you stuck so that you can receive and create that which moves you forward.

The same principles work in your personal life and in your professional life.

The fact is, you CAN’T create ANYTHING from a place of exhaustion. Until you plug the leak and reclaim your life you aren’t going anywhere expect in circles or at the bottom of the ocean.

DRAMA holds keeps you stuck, wears you out, impacts your health, tarnishes your relationships and contributes to your dissatisfaction, disconnection and frustration. Drama keeps you from reaching your potential. The big question you must ask yourself is this:

Where would you be without Your Drama?

Your answer might surprise you. You could be happy, successful, profitable, peaceful. Instead of office gossip and backstabbing you could be engaging your team and increasing your profits. Instead of fights with your kids you could look forward to time with your family. Instead of people pleasing you could be doing what you want and loving your life.

Register for the Signature Series Calls where we discuss how to plug the leak!


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