Gifts to Give in a Down Economy

HeartGary Zukav, author of Heart of the Soul, says,  “if you aren’t aware of your intentions before an interaction, you will be aware of them afterward.” I’m paraphrasing, but think I got the essence.

I can think of no better time to talk about awareness of intention than right now on Valentine’s day.

Sometimes when we give a gift, we do so to get something in return.

We get approval.
we get a surprise.
We get a smile.
We get love.
We get a gift in return.

Sometimes we are unaware of our hidden motives for giving gifts.
A friend of mine (a young at heart grandmother) learned this lesson the hard way.

Grandma always showered her granddaughter Britney with gifts on her birthday. On Brittney’s sixth she opened a gift from Grandma only to exclaim, “I already have that!”

This caused DRAMA for Grandma.  Grandma was

  • Hurt because her gift was not appreciated
  • Angry because she was not acknowledged
  • Disappointed because she did not get the reaction she wanted

In addition Grandma adopted a judgmental stance: “Britney should be taught to appreciate what ever is given to her.”

Can you see how hidden agendas eventually surface?
When we give a gift and are disappointed at the response it means there was a “need” attached to the gift.

This Valentines day  why not give priceless gifts with no attachment?

  • The gift of attention
  • The gift of listening
  • The gift of appreciation

Most of the time those you love want your presence, not your presents.

When we feel unworthy we often use gifts as a way to manipulate and control instead of honoring the person with the greatest gifts that are priceless.


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