What are you resisting?

You can wish.

You can hope.

You can even beat around the bush, manipulate or hint, but until you learn how to release your resistance nothing is going to change.

Resistance always shows up in our attachments, which by the way are our “real” commitments.

See if you are attached to

  • your beliefs
  • your comfort zone
  • your thinking
  • your ideas
  • Someone else’s approval
  • Looking good

How you know you are attached is when someone contributes an idea. Your response

  • That would be way to uncomfortable.
  • My __________would think I’m crazy.
  • I’d be way too embarrassed.
  • I would look stupid.
  • I’m afraid they would say, “no.”

So here’s the question.

Are you willing to be uncomfortable?
Are you willing to look stupid?
Are you willing to let your ______(fill in the blank) think you are crazy?
Are you willing to be embarrassed?
Are you willing to hear them say “no?”

Release the need for all that doesn’t really serve you, reclaim your power, and see the magic happen.

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One Response to What are you resisting?

  1. Marlene speaks the whole truth on this one folks. Your greatest learning period (most formative years)was from a toddler to age 5. You absorbed enormous amounts of information and learned astounding things: bi-pedal motion, speech, body language, problem solving ability, etc. Do you know what you didn’t have at that age? Resistance that you were attached to. You did not care what others thought of craziness, stupidity, or foolishness. You lived life so much freer. Don’t let the “potential” comments of others hold you back.

    As an aside, another phrase that holds you back is “I Know or I Know That.” How often do you say that phrase? Every time you utter that phrase, you have closed your mind off to learning anything new.

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