It Starts with Awareness: What’s Your Pet Peeve?

Most of us take the little things for granted: sleeping on a comfortable bed, having enough food, working utilities and running water. It’s the little things that make us comfortable, but it’s also the little things that create big drama.

I realized this recently when I was a guest on 100.5 The Wolf Radio station where the topic was Pet Peeves.

Pet peeves are just little annoyances that irritate. Irritants include

  • People who are always late
  • Your spouse never replacing the cap on the toothpaste
  • Your kid rolling his eyes when you give good advice
  • Your co-worker borrowing your pencil never to return it

What I learned from listening in to the callers is, we are all more alike than different

Imagine my surprise when several men called in to say their wives leave cupboard drawers open in the kitchen.  That drives my husband crazy. I often don’t realize I’m doing it. I get started and start multi-tasking and then before you know it, the dishwasher lid is down, two drawers are open and two cabinet doors are slightly ajar.

Men wonder why we can’t just come to completion and shut the darn drawer.

Then several women called in with the same complaint: He is a workaholic. He is a homebody and never wants to get out and do things.  I ask him to do something and he agrees but never gets it done.

Most of the time we just put up with little annoyances.  Also most of the time we don’t tell ourselves the truth about how much drama we cause others!

Since March is SYD Month my challenge is to lay the cards on the table and to also look in the mirror.

You have to know about it before you can change it!

To Stop Relationship Drama you must first become aware! Post your pet peeve here and share it with your significant other, your friends and your co-workers.  You may see yourself and you may be surprised that you are not alone.


One Response to It Starts with Awareness: What’s Your Pet Peeve?

  1. My pet peeve has nothing to do with my wife. We have very open and effective communication. My pet peeve is with others. Because of my experience I have people who ask me how to fix this, rectify that, or make the other better. These questions are asked from both personal and professional view points. I perceive these people as wanting an answer to make a change.

    My pet peeve is those who ask a question with the intention of speaking rather than listening. Often times their speaking is telling my why the suggestions I make won’t work even though they have not tried them. They simply want to complain for the sake of complaining. They spread their drama with others to gain attention and bring others to their level.

    I really do not let it bother me much anymore. When someone asks me for an answer or help and I offer a solution that they have not tried and they proceed to tell me that it won’t work…I refer them to a psychologist because that is the person they need, not a problem solver like me.

    Hint: the more positive you are in your own life, the less drama you will attract.

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