“Right Thinking” Eliminates Mind Drama

One of my favorite books is “As a Man Thinketh,” by James Allen.

Allen says, “Suffering is always the effect of wrong thought in some direction.”

When you are suffering (mentally or emotionally) challenge yourself to see the whole picture. Is there one ounce of good in what you are going through? Is there a lesson to learn? Have you become a better person though your trials? Can you help others because of your new insights?

Once you begin to “think right” your suffering will begin to subside.

In my SYD Signature Process, I call it “Telling Yourself the Truth.” Suffering is usually a result of telling yourself things that are not entirely based on fact, or looking at only a part of the puzzle and making a judgment.

What I see with a lot of my clients is the suffering they feel when they compare their growth and/or success with someone else. They see someone who has skyrocketed their business in just two years and they are already on year five and are struggling.

All of us can fall into this trap if we aren’t careful. While it’s good to let someone’s success motivate you, the REAL truth is you never have all of the puzzle pieces.

You don’t know their level of desire. You don’t know what skills they started with. You don’t know their background.

Not that any of that matters. Ultimately you need to keep a clear vision about YOUR goals and tell yourself the truth about what you need to do to reach your goals. I call this “identifying the gap.” Most of the time we just make an assumption and work from feeling rather than planning, organizing, or doing the necessary research.

Get clear about who you are and what you want. Identify where you need to up your game. Keep your eyes on your island. Anything else is just drama, and drama always leads to suffering.

To your mental and emotional health…


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