Two Words Open the Field of Possibilities

I had a HUGE insight that I couldn’t wait to share with you.

Two words that hold amazing power are the words “what if?”

“What if,” when said in fear produces more fear and worry.

  • What if I look stupid?
  • What if I fail?
  • What if I don’t make enough money?
  • What if she/he rejects my idea?

“What if,” when said in a state of curiosity and hope

opens the door to infinite possibilities and you become a creator.

  • What if this is the best idea yet?
  • What if I double my financial goals?
  • What if I’m wildly successful?
  • What if others think I’m brilliant?

Almost every act of creation starts with considering

a “what if.”

Using the “What if” question is part 8 of my Stop Your Drama Methodology, also called The 8 Steps of Empowerment.  If you want to get a short overview go to and sign up for the free Clarity Gift and the mini-lesson.


3 Responses to Two Words Open the Field of Possibilities

  1. Laura says:

    The moment I said “yes” the change appeared! So cool! I can not wait to see what my what if becomes. Thank you!

    • stopyourdrama says:

      I am SO glad you are taking the leap. I have had even more ideas for you and can’t wait to share them in the Mastermind.

  2. I agree completely, its no wonder people just dont get it. In this day and age its imperative.

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