Is it REALLY Your Belief System Holding You Back?

I’m sure it’s happened to you.  You see someone else who does exactly what you do but they make lots of money and you continue to just get by.

A GURU tells you it’s your belief systems.
How much more can you work on your beliefs?

You journal. You meditate. You read spiritual books like Heart of the Soul and The New Earth. You practice yoga.  You TRULY believe in the Law of Attraction. You know the famous quotes about how “What you focus on expands ” and “If you can believe it you can achieve it.” Still, nothing works.

You have invested thousands of dollars in coaching only to wind up disappointed.

Now you are confused. Maybe you don’t have the right market.
You keep changing direction.


Let me give you a huge wake up call:  It’s not your belief systems.

It is your wrong thinking

Let me make the distinction. For most of us spiritual entrepreneurs, we associate “belief systems” with all that I mentioned above.

In contrast “wrong thinking” is what James Allen refers to in his quote: “Suffering is always the effect of wrong thought in some direction.

Pay attention to the words “IN SOME DIRECTION.”

You see, if you keep fixing something that doesn’t need to be fixed…that is the WRONG DIRECTION.

For the sake of argument let’s assume…

You don’t need another degree.

You don’t need another certificate.

You don’t need more yoga.

You know all you need to know.

You are talented, bright and responsible.

You are positive and energetic even in the face of many disappointments.

You cannot close the gap between where you are and where you want to be if you keep going backwards.

You must head in the right direction.

That direction is understanding the difference between content and process.

The ones who make lots of money do so because their systems are in place. They have leverage. They know how to make money when they aren’t even in the room.

Seth Godin talks about this in his blog.  If you already have the knowledge and expertise the reason you aren’t making money is probably not because of your spiritual beliefs or your low self-esteem or your lack of self worth.

The irony is this:  The lack of self-worth clouds your vision WHEN you are headed in the wrong direction.

You can keep working on your self-worth, and “belief systems”  and spend years in therapy, or you can simply start rowing in the right direction and create some processes and systems around your already good-enough content.

That is, if you have the courage to OWN your self-worth, expertise and knowledge. (If not, it probably is your belief system.)  Be sure to tell yourself the truth about this one.

So, by all means, clean up the head drama and work on your spirituality. The inner game is foundational to your success.

But when it comes to the lack of making money it’s more likely that you are simply polishing an apple that is already polished and you need to find a way to market and sell  your apples.


4 Responses to Is it REALLY Your Belief System Holding You Back?

  1. Amy says:

    Thank you Marlene! My take from your message is for me to start working on the process of selling and quit tyring to make the product better. Send my ships out into the water rather than have them anchored at shore and see what comes back.

    • stopyourdrama says:

      YES!!! When we get stuck in the pattern of reworking and revising and asking for everyone else’s approval we get stuck and THEN it turns into a BELIEF system problem. So my question to people is
      1. What is your drama
      2. Where would you be without that drama?

      Now BE the answer!! 😉

  2. Joan Schramm says:

    Marlene —

    This is just the article I needed to read!

    I’m getting way too hung up on “if it isn’t happening, it must be because my beliefs are in alignment”. It makes me crazy. You’re right — I have everything I need to succeed, and if I stop trying to paddle upstream and turn in the right direction, it will happen.

    Thanks for these thoughts. You made a difference in how I’m feeling.


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