I Once Was Blind, But Now I See

You got offended.  You got irritated. You became frustrated. You dread the conversation. You hide how you really feel.  You walk on egg shells,  say nice things to manipulate, say “yes” when you’d rather say “no.”

You wish he would change. You wish she saw things differently.

You fear rejection. You don’t ask for the sale.

You have an idea…you keep it to yourself.

You feel inauthentic. You feel tired.

If only circumstances were different.

If he wasn’t so stubborn, if she wasn’t so stupid, if you had more courage you wouldn’t feel what you feel.

Here’s the truth. All drama boils down to two things: Who you think you are and who you think someone else is.

I didn’t say “who you are” and “who they are.”

I said, who you THINK they are and who you THINK  you are.  It’s all about the way you see yourself and others that creates harmony or drama.

Most of the time our thinking blinds us so that we cannot really SEE. When you SEE it you can believe it.

SEE yourself differently and notice what happens. SEE  someone else differently and listen for a different response. Try it and let me know what  happens.


One Response to I Once Was Blind, But Now I See

  1. Well put. If someone simply will not wake up and see themselves for who they are, recording a video of a conversation helps. They can truly see themselves from a 3rd party perspective. I have found that people will work harder not to look like a fool than to gain an advantage over others.

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