Clear the Fog: How Distraction Turns to Drama

Sometimes you look at your life and wonder how you could have so many ideas and so little success in reaching the goal. It seems so easy in your head doesn’t it? If you are an entrepreneur at heart you know exactly what I’m talking about.

You are a visionary. You visualize the idea and it seems easy in your  head. In fact it even seems real.  (You could probably even teach a class on visualization.)

The Sparkling Island of Opportunity

Then after starting the project, or trying to implement the idea you  either lose interest or become exhausted and lose the initial momentum. You feel cluttered, confused and disappointed in yourself.  This is your dirty little secret as an entrepreneur.

What has really happened is you got distracted by “the Sparkling Island.” While you were busy rowing to your Original Island, you saw something interesting that looked like opportunity.

You lied to yourself and said, “I will only look for a moment.” Before you know it you got completely off course headed 180 degrees in a different direction.

We all know about the Opportunity distraction. you recognize the other distractions? What about when you get distracted looking at someone else and their success?  What about when someone does you wrong and you become obsessed about it?

Distraction Turns Into Drama

Eventually and without warning I can GUARANTEE the distraction will turn into DRAMA. Let me explain.

You go to a BLUEPRINT coaching program to the tune of $5000 and you meet all kinds of people whom you assume are MORE successful than you. So you think about it. It occupies your mind for several days. This leads to comparison, which leads to judgment or assumption which ends up in mind drama. You just wasted mind energy on something that has nothing to do with your life or your goals and now you end up feeling bad about yourself so it hurts your self confidence and you are  afraid to make that follow up call.  Recognize it?

Or, someone does you wrong. You get resentful. Your mind is preoccupied about it so you call a friend to tell your story. They take your side as you rehash the story three or four times.  Your resentment has turned into gossip as you try to get agreement about how right you are. This turns into some sort of plan to get revenge. (You tell everyone how bad your VA was and why they should not be hired.) Then you justify your own bad behavior and now you lose a little respect for yourself. You  just spend valuable time and mind energy on something that will not get you closer to your island. In fact by now you are probably stuck on a rock and blaming the person who did you wrong.

That is why it is so important to CLEAR THE FOG every day so you stay focused on what really matters. It’s called releasing resistance by LIVING ABOVE THE Line, a tool I share in my SYD Signature Process.


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