Do You Value Your Greatest Assets?

I just met an inspiring young entrepreneur and his wife for lunch.  I love it that I can learn so many things from those much younger than me.

What I learned is that we so often miss our priorities and we don’t value that which is our greatest asset. This is as true in the corporate world as it is in our home lives.

You know how in the workplace they always say, “Employees are our greatest asset” but then when times get tough you see a different commitment?

Isn’t it true that in life our families and spouses can also be our biggest asset, yet we totally take them for granted?

I want to share what Chase Barfield, founder of says about the value of teamwork and seeing your spouse as part of the team. Click here to see the article.

This article will help you if you are a business owner or entrepreneur and will add meaning to your relationships.


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