Feeling Resistance? Get in the Shade or Go Home

The sun was shining with not a cloud in the sky. “You couldn’t ask for better weather for Cider Days,” I said to my neighbor.

“Yes, I’m glad it isn’t raining,”  my neighbor responded.

Cider Days is a community event where vendors from around the region set up booths to display and sell their pottery, jewelry, photography, paintings and other artistic wares.

After about 10 minutes of walking around,  I noticed how hot the sun was on my head. My hair felt like it was on fire.  Without much thought I heard my voice say, “It’s really hot.”

My neighbor agreed.  “That sun is really bearing down.”

“Yep, there’s not a cloud in the sky to give any relief,” I continued.

Several times I would go to a booth and get under the awning and feel a sense of relief, but every time I stepped out into clear view I felt the heat of the sun and with the sensation the impulse to “COMMENT” on how hot it was.

Get in the Shade or Go Home!

Get in the Shade or Go Home!

Finally a thought occurred and it was almost as if I heard an audible voice saying, ‘Get in the shade or go home…everything else is just drama.”

Because I TEACH this stuff (how to eliminate negativity and drama) I’m sometimes painfully aware of my own resistance to what is.  This may seem minor, but the fact remains that we spend way too much time in drama which is due MIND PATTERNS and a lack of discipline, awareness, and self-mastery.

As a leader  SELF-MASTERY is a tool that will serve you well.   William Penn said, “No man (or woman) is fit to command another who cannot command himself.  I KNOW that I must hold myself up to a high standard if I am to have the “privilege of the platform” in speaking on these subjects at corporate events and association speaking engagements, not to mention my consulting projects.

DRAMA (which I define as any obstacle to your peace or prosperity) can manifest in a multitude of ways,  yet there  is always a level of RESISTANCE with any drama that is present.

When you look at your own levels of resistance without getting attached emotionally you can see that there is always another choice.  See the short list below.

  • Griping about the heat | Get in the shade or go home.
  • Worrying about the economy | Call your financial planner, get a second job or sell something
  • Comparing Yourself to others | Network with those better than you or quit looking
  • Outbursts and Temper Tantrums | Beat a pillow, take a nap or go for a walk
  • Talking endlessly about how someone did you wrong | Confront or forgive
  • Judging your boss, you staff or your co-workers | Ask for what you want or set a boundary
  • Justifying bad behavior | apologize, read some self-help or get counseling

Well, this was fun and I could go on and on. The bottom line is each of us is responsible for creating the life, the relationships, and the business we want. Everything else is just DRAMA. Drama often shows up as a  non-acceptance of what is.

So now I’m setting up a challenge for myself to come live life from the perspective of  “No complaints, no excuses, no regrets.”

This means I have to notice in my own life where I’m failing to master my thoughts, emotions, relationships or physical health. This means I must notice when I am resisting versus choosing consciously.

My challenge to you is to pick one area of DRAMA  or RESISTANCE
that you are willing to eliminate this week.  E-mail me your commitment!

Better  yet, join the Release Resistance Training and really FREE yourself. It happens on July 1st.


2 Responses to Feeling Resistance? Get in the Shade or Go Home

  1. Laura McKean says:

    I love your thought process. I read your information to help as a guide in my personal life. I am going through a divorce. Lot’s of DRAMA! I was married to a borderline personality for 26 years and it took all I had to break away. It is still a struggle because he is fighting the divorce and creating drama. I keep trying to stop the drama, one issue at a time. I am taking things slow and try not to allow my buttons to be pushed. It is hard trying to break long time habits. I hear you talking to me in my head. This may scare you but it helps me remember that its all drama and I can let it go. Escaping much of the daily drama has freed me to be me. I am so much happier and it effects all areas of my life. Keep writing. You make a difference in ways you do not even know about. Thanks.

  2. Cassandra says:

    Love this article!! It is something when I avoid other people and/or negative situations, but your challenge has caught me at a time in my life where I’m trying to rid myself of as much drama as possible. During this process, I have to keep a close watch over me, the things I say or don’t say, my thoughts, emotions etc. The saying is so true “when the student is ready the teacher appears”. Free as I want to be, thanks so much for helping me “Stop the Drama”.

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