Low Self-Esteem Is a Distraction

Low Self Esteem is a Distraction that keeps you from reaching your potential. It’s the little voice reminding you of your flaws, telling you how unworthy you are and making you feel inadequate while you try to learn a new skill, reinvent your life or make a significant change.

When you are preoccupied with thinking about your flaws you  can’t live to your strengths. Low self esteem is definitely a distraction, yet it’s easy to feel vulnerable when you are in a stage of growth.

I’ll never forget my first networking event when I was fresh out of the factory and wanting to be a professional speaker.  I went to a professional conference in Florida and I kept sitting by the brightest and best. Instead of looking at that as evidence that I was moving up in the world, I worried about my lack of education, my business skills and my inadequacies.

The self-esteem distraction keeps you from being who you really are. Instead of enjoying networking with business friends, you keep to yourself because you are afraid of judgment.   Instead of going to the pool party you stay home because you worry about how you look. Instead of being authentic with your friend you keep your disagreements to yourself…you say “yes” when you’d rather say “no” and you live your life trying to keep everyone else happy.

Low self esteem affects your abilities as a leader, impacts your sales and your ability to deal with disappointment. Low self-esteem even affects business owners and entrepreneurs. Instead of trying to grow your business you fear the risk or you worry what others will think if you fail.

The Self-Esteem Distraction is the Head DRAMA that keeps you a prisoner of your own mind instead of creating the life or the business you want.

As you can see, much of the time low self-esteem is all about me, me, me. Thinking about yourself too much is a distraction. The biggest thing I learned early on, is to talk about them and strive to be interested rather than worrying about being interesting.  This reminder not only improves your self-esteem, it makes you more interesting to others and it’s a great customer service tool.

Here’s a Resource for you if you want to examine and/or improve your confidence level. It is written by a new friend of mine, Sasha Xarrian and it is a downloadable  PDF easy to read e-book. (You don’t even have to opt in. It will make you re-examine some of the habits and beliefs that might be getting in your way.

Hope you enjoy it.


4 Responses to Low Self-Esteem Is a Distraction

  1. Great post. Thanks for the info.

  2. Amy Lundberg says:

    Right on the money as always Marlene.

    Looks like you had a wonderful time in Las Vegas!

    Thanks for all your great insight!


  3. Marney Lewis says:

    A wonderful post Marlene!

    “The Self-Esteem Distraction is the Head DRAMA that keeps you a prisoner of your own mind instead of creating the life or the business you want.”

    I LOVE IT!

    Thank you for the reminder!


  4. Valerie says:

    thanks i shouldnt think about my flaws,but i should think about the good thing i can do

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