Success Begins with a Vision

Last year my client (and now good friend) Shelley Lieber, came to me wanting to market herself through speaking. Shelley is a book coach with extensive experience and credentials in publishing, editing and writing. It only took four coaching sessions to come up with a title, an outline and a presentation which we ended up calling The Mistakes, Myths and Miracles of Book Publishing.

Shelley and I developed the speech to introduce her workshop and other services.

Fast forward and Shelley’s book was a best seller at her local book store, right behind Eckhart Tolle!
Just a reminder that success is a given when you have a vision and then take the action journey!
Below is the testimonial and the picture of Shelley’s presentation!
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Just wanted to give you an update on the latest talk I gave. I had a book signing at Malaprop’s, Asheville’s very popular indie bookstore. I gave the Mistakes, Myths & Miracles mini-seminar. They advertised well and the place was packed (see photo below). I’m not sure how many books sold, but last time I passed the bookstore window, I was on the bestseller list for June–right behind Eckhart Tolle!
Thanks again for the inspiration to do that talk.
Shelley Lieber

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