Drama Won’t Get You There Any Faster

Want to see an example how negativity and drama creates power struggles, stress and lost time? Look no further than the American Airlines incident where the airline flight crew arrived an hour late without notice.

When the crew arrived to greet the angry mob of passengers hissing and booing, the crew decided not to fly at all because of the hostile environment. As a result the passengers arrived not an hour late but a full day late as they were forced to spend the night in a hotel. To make matters worse, their baggage ended up at the wrong airport.

Our local news station invited people to e-mail their opinions about who is right and who is wrong. Although it makes for good news, this is the wrong question if we want solutions. Worrying about who is right and who is wrong is just another way to justify hissing and booing or deciding not to fly.

A different choice on the part of the airlines or the passengers might have yielded very different results. What could have been the outcome if the airline would have called in to let people know they were running late? What if there would have been a voice of reason in the angry mob persuading everyone to think before reacting? What if the airline would have just apologized and offered a free snack or a discount on the next flight?

Instead, a string of assumptions and reactions resulted in a power struggle so big it made the national news. This is a good reminder that negativity never gets you the results you want, no matter who is right and who is wrong.

If you want to see the news clip go to http://www.breitbart.tv/?p=126403

Food for thought: How can we create peace on earth when we are more committed to justifying bad behaviors than dealing with the day disappointments, delays and frustrations?


3 Responses to Drama Won’t Get You There Any Faster

  1. Neil Simon says:

    Blergh. That’s just too much — you’ve hit the spot on the title.

  2. Terry says:

    I haven’t seen the video clip on my antiquated dial up computer, but, having read your blog I feel the need to make a few comments. I work for an airline and see many dramatic situations unfold on nearly a daily basis. I understand why the flight crew decided not to fly with those particular passengers. Hostility in the air is a recipe for disaster. My guess is that they assessed the crowd and decided to not risk their lives that day. Delays happen more frequently based on tight scheduling and fewer crew members to work with. Any problem upline or downline can cause multiple delays and affect more than one city. That said, airline personnel do try to keep the passengers updated as best as possible. Sometimes the best of intentions do not pan out. I believe in the Law of Attraction–what we focus on expands. When people focus on the negatives–delayed flight, no meals served inflight, waiting in the lobby with crowds of other people–there is no doubt in my mind that it creates even more discomfort and unrest. That feeds off of other people and before you know it there’s an angry mob situation. I have talked with other people, however, who are pleasant and happy even though they are waiting for their flight just like everybody else. They are at peace and even give encouragement–those who are positive like to pay it forward. I have found that to be the best lesson in my goal to be more positive. We also need to remember that we are all in this together–we are all connected.

  3. Heidi Clingen says:


    This is a perfect blog–brief but insightful, current, and controversial. It states an opinon and offers a solution.

    I predict similar incidents to increase in the future, as both consumers and service providers are stretched even further.

    Thanks for offering an opportunity to analye these kinds of situations in a broader scope.

    Heidi Clingen

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