The Secret Key to Manifesting

I just read John Assaraf’s book, The Answer and the book really gave me some big insights, specifically the part about the Reticular Activating System or (RAS) for short.

The RAS is the network of pathways that helps you process information and “attract” that which you want to manifest. Problem is, if your RAS isn’t programmed properly, you miss the clues all around you that would help you manifest your life’s desires. In other words, you could be just like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ. You possess the power of the ruby slippers but you don’t know it because you can’t SEE it.

So what I learned from the book is that when we want to manifest something we have to be able to SEE it first. This means you have to clear the fog before taking action. If you aren’t CRYSTAL CLEAR on your desires, you won’t be able to manifest because you won’t see the clues all around you.

I’ve always believed we are capable of consciously creating, and I’m glad there is scientific research to back it all up, but I didn’t fully understand that there is an ORDER to it!

The Secret Key

The biggest challenge for me is that I’m an action taker. I sometimes take action too fast!

Now I understand why I (and so many other action takers) become frustrated!
Taking action before clarity is like being in a boat with one oar and no map.

Look at how it works….If we take action first it sucks the energy out of us and we get lost in the fog.
If we plan without visualizing there is no inspired action, but if you see it clearly, you can map it out on a plan effortlessly then the action is so easy.

What do you think about this insight???


One Response to The Secret Key to Manifesting

  1. rasbook says:

    I also believe that what you visualize manifests…

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