How Language Changes Your Life

I recently conducted a “Stop Your Drama” Signature process workshop and one of the principles I taught was how to ask for what you want instead of asking for what you don’t want.

At first, it’s difficult. You say things like “I don’t want to argue,” or “I don’t want to have to clean up after you.” Changing it to the positive is tricky at first, but there’s a method.

1. Figure out what you don’t want. (Example, I don’t want to argue.)
2. Then figure out what is the opposite. ( Example, I want to get along.)

Then you make your positive request. This simple communication skill, when done correctly will make a big impact on your leadership abilities.

Be careful about making it complicated, or weakening the message by asking a question instead of making a request. There is more power in the request “I want us to get along” versus the plea, “can’t we all just get along?”

This week my guest on The Stop Your Drama show is Chalmers Brothers.
If you want to hear about the impact language has on life go to this link

Please leave your comments about the show or about this lesson below in the comment section!


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