Desire Versus Decision: Getting to Your Island

rowingWhen you really really really want something you have to be willing to get in the boat and row.

Standing on the shore admiring the island and fantasizing about the right boat, a team to help you row, or the winds to blow your sails is mostly wishful thinking.

You probably know people who are one day going to write a book, start a business, lose some weight, start taking dance lessons. Nothing wrong with exploring and fantasizing but if you want to get to the island you have to have real desire.

The way to tell if you are really committed to getting to the island is to see if you are in the boat or not. By your choices,  you reveal your commitments.

Commitment is getting in the boat grabbing the oars. You are so proud of yourself. This time you are really going to do it. You grab the oar of desire and start paddling. Then you realize you are paddling in circles. You wonder if it’s your belief system? Something must be wrong. Your desire must not be strong enough.

So you meditate, pray, you burn sage and chant to the east but still you row in circles. (Don’t you know people who keep working on their beliefs and their desire when all they need is to pick up another oar?)

To get to your island you must also grab the oar of decision. It takes commitment, desire and decision to move forward swiftly. Too often we either forget to pick up the oar of decision or we give the oar away (give your power away) to someone else.

Are you giving up your oar of decision to

  • What other people think
  • What your spouse agrees with
  • What everyone else is doing
  • What your coach says is possible

It’s good to get opinions and seek wise council but eventually you have to decide and row with both oars.

Special thanks to coach Shawn Driscoll who inspired this writing.


One Response to Desire Versus Decision: Getting to Your Island

  1. This is kind of like the “pray and move your feet” advice I’ve heard over the years. Meaning you have to step out there and TAKE ACTION to make your dreams and goals reality. Just sitting around praying, chanting, meditating (all good things in the proper place and time) won’t do it for you. You have to pick up the phone, write the email, go out to meet people, etc. THEN the right opportunities will appear in front of you, waiting for YOU to take action.

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