The Stop Your Drama Radio Show

There are three big questions, that if you ask yourself, you can start creating exactly what you want. The first question is, “Who are you?” and the second question is,”What are you committed to?”

If you aren’t sure, all you have to do is look at your choices, because by your choices you reveal your commitments. I’m so excited to start my new show The Stop Your Drama Show, hosted at the Women’s Radio Site where I interview experts, authors and coaches dedicated to helping you create the life you want.

I want to share an overview of the show with you!
On the web you can download a fifteen minute overview where I’ll share with you some valuable information about the show and I’ll talk about my own story and some of the life lessons I had to learn before becoming a professional speaker and trainer.

Go to the web to download the audio and hear about

  • Dealing with Life Purpose Drama
  • One important step in achieving your potential
  • The difference between The DRAMA and YOUR DRAMA

In this introductory audio I talk about mid life crisis, The Three Life Tragedies, and I share some of my journey from the factory floor to professional speaker.
I also want to hear from YOU!

Please take the survey and tell me who you want me to interview. Do you have a favorite author, coach, guru or expert who has helped you or your company?

Here are some questions you can answer right on this blog.

  • Your biggest challenge
  • Favorite personal growth gurus
  • Self-help authors you admire
  • One thing that would make your life more rewarding
  • Biggest problems you see at work
  • Relationship drama
  • Workplace drama

Go to the web to take the web based survey.
In less than five minutes and a few clicks of the mouse you can breeze through these 10 questions and be a part of the process!

OK…here’s the scoop. It’s drama that keeps you stuck. Drama is the leak in the boat, the rock you get stuck on or the fog that blurs your vision.

As long as drama runs your life you will paddle in circles. You can pay for coaching, you can deny it, you can rub crystals and chant to the east, but if you have a leak your boat is going to fill up and if you hit a rock you are going to be stuck. You can even blame the boat maker but excuses is just more DRAMA!

DRAMA drains your energy and keeps you stuck repeating the same patterns over and over. By the way, the third important question is this: “Where would YOU be without your drama? “


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